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Our long range rifles will have a 5/8" MOA or better accuracy.  I have been shooting game at long ranges since 1964 and I have learned a lot from these experiences.  Foremost is that there is a limit to how far, realistically and ethically, we should attempt to shoot at a magnificent animal, despite what some "long range experts", in trying to sell videos and supposedly souped up rifles, will have you believe.  There are many factors involved in taking game at long range.  The shooters experience and ability to shoot accurately in many varied conditions are just two factors to consider.

Long Range Rifle
Long Range Rifle
This rifle is a 1914 Enfield, blue printed. .300 Warbird. McMillan fiberglass stock, Krieger barrel, fluted, with contrasting flutes. Horus Vision Falcon 5-20x50 Long Range Steel Illuminator Scope, the ultimate long range system capable of correction to + one mile. This long range rifle is available in a take down option, with single barrel or multiple barrels. Click target image for larger view.
7MM Firehawk
7MM Firehawk
Selby custom proto-type action. Harris McMillan barrel. Myrtle wood stock, with exceptional eye appeal, ebony fore end tip and grip cap. 4x12 Nikon with Talley bases and rings. Long range elk rifle.
.300 Rem. Mag. Ultra on Win. Mod. 70 stainless action
.300 Rem. Mag. Ultra on Win. Mod. 70 stainless action
Borden Rimrock stock, pillar bedded black finish. Krieger match stainless barrel. Custom 4 x 12 Leupold scope with multi-dot custom long range reticle. No adjustments needed out in the field.
Rem. 700 Tactical
Rem. 700 Tactical
Sako extractor, Mike Rock 5R stainless barrel in .300 Win. Mag. Farrell 20 MOA base and Leupold 30MM Rings. Barrel and action in olive drab green ceramic coat. H. S. Precision tactical stock in textured camo paint. Set up for scope or apurature sights.

With the rifles I build, properly set up with custom loads, tested on our range, I believe that 600 to 700 yards is a very long shot, and the maximum that a shooter should attempt to kill any game, no matter how experienced or what caliber of rifle or fancy scope may be used.  Again, despite the hype on long range shooting, bullet velocity and trajectory decline rapidly and the chance of wounding one of these animals increases exponentially past 600 to 700 yards.  I recommend only fixed reticle systems such as the custom dot system for this type of shooting.  Most scope makers have reticle systems up to 500 yards which also tells us that is their maximum recommendation for long range shots for game.  Bullets fail to perform correctly if the range is too long, then you need to start factoring in the differences of wind currents between you and your intended target, temperature, terrain conditions, actual hunting situations and finally and most importantly, fair chase and ethical hunting practices dictated in each situation. Never take a shot if your chance of wounding the game you are shooting at is medium to high. 

Long range optics:
Randy has developed a reticle system, using all of the available Leupold long range scopes, specific for each rifle and it's particular ballistics.  What works for one rifle and its ballistics will not necessarily work for another. Once this system is in place you will not have to take precious time adjusting knobs, like most systems, to "find" the range on your scope for that accurate and killing shot. This system is worked up, upon request, for each individual rifle based on the best loads worked up for the highest possible accuracy. Prices vary, and will be discussed with a client when a long range package is being ordered. We have added Horus vision scopes to the line, the ultimate in long range systems.

Below is a depiction of just one long range dot reticle.  It is zeroed at 300 yards with dots for 400, 500, 600 and 700 yards.  Dots may be made in many sizes.  The larger dots are best for big game hunting.  Dots shown are in a 12x scope, 1 1/4" main dot, all others are 3/4".  This system eliminates the need to adjust knobs or turrets.  I have found that too often these internal adjustments lead to the change of zero and impact, which may lead to a missed shot. Our system is a fixed system that never changes, is quick, easy and very accurate for long range shooting.

We feel this shop is unique because of the experience I bring to each custom rifle. Not only do I have extensive experience in building custom rifles, but because of my training with Les Bowman and all of my own work and accumulated data, we can offer custom work up loads to give optimal performance. Further, Randy's experience and training in the field of tool & die making, machinist bring qualifications not found in many shops. He is also experienced in engineering and design.

custom rifles custom actions rebarreling chambering randy selby

Hunt footage of Frank Kraut of Cody, Wyoming.



The rifles pictured here are just a small sampling of the rifles Randy has built over the years. Each rifle, depending on components, will be individually priced at the time of the order.

All rifles pictured on this site are custom rifles built for individual clients specifically for their own needs, uses and budget. We do not stock rifles on hand, but build rifles on order to each client’s particular specifications. We also do custom conversions. We will be glad to build a rifle custom tailored to your needs, desires and budget. A rifle may be built similar to any of the rifles depicted or may be totally different. If you do not see something on this site that you wish, that does not mean it cannot be built.  Please inquire.  

All orders must have a minimum of 60% down to start the order and the balance will be due prior to the completion of the rifle.  The time frame for that balance will depend on each individual order and turnaround time.

Occasionally a rifle will be placed on the site for sale. In that case it will be noted that the rifle is for sale and a price will accompany the picture and description of the rifle.