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The Best in the West Pricing Testimonials History/Photos Contact us links real estate Onsite Facility Rifle Services AR Rebarreling & Rechambering Shooters with Special Requirements Certification Custom Rifles

Randy Selby, Pres.
Randy's Custom Rifles
P.O. Box 221
108 Dunn Creek Road
Wapiti, WY 82450 USA
(307) 587-6152
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Randy's Custom Rifles is
a division of Starlight
Enterprises, Inc.


Randy spent two years, 1969-1971, earning an Associate Degree in Applied Sciences with a major in Gun Smithing, in the department founded by P. O. Ackely, at Trinidad State Junior College under the direction of Bill Prator, Ed Shulin, and Warren Key. In the late 70’s he worked for Speer, Inc., founded by Vernon Speer, located in Lewiston, Idaho and was instrumental in developing machinery to produce their line of boat-tailed bullets. He built accuracy and pressure test variety rifles for Speer. From there he worked for Don Burris of Burris Scope Co., formally of Redfield, as their prototype tool & die maker and machinist. At the same time, through all the years after school and working for other companies, he was building accurate, precision rifles, and doing extensive ballistic testing, all saved and recorded.

More About Randy

Randy has been building rifles since 1969, and is very experienced as a gun maker, hand-loader, machinist and tool and die maker. He learned from an early age by example from my Granddad, Earl Brahler, who was a gunsmith, handloader and lodge owner. He was also fortunate to live near, and have as mentor and close friend, the late Les Bowman who lived on the lower South Fork L-B Ranch and who wrote and tested for all the major firearms companies, including Colt, Remington, Winchester, Weatherby, and others. Les was a trained engineer, gun test and hand-loading expert. Randy spent thousands of hours, beginning at 8 years old, helping and learning from Les, very hand-on involved as he was testing firearms. Also, when he was 8, Les introduced him to Col. Townsend Whelen. Les was the most qualified of all the men in this country to test rifles and the large gun companies and gunsmiths sent their rifles to Les for product testing. Much of what Randy does and knows is from Les’ friendship and tutoring, as well as his schooling and years of experience then.

Randy has a complete shop equipped to machine and build and test any rifle. He has, right out the door, a test facility on premises, to accuracy test and check velocities, from 100, 300, 400, 500 and 585 yard range and further, to thoroughly test not only every rifle he builds, but any rifles that comes in for modification or repairs. He loads for over 170 calibers and chamber for hundreds more. Randy makes and installs his own muzzle brakes, and has, on many occasions, made custom actions for individual needs and requirements. He builds stocks from common to exotic woods, or top line fiberglass or composition stocks. Randy is an experienced big game hunter and test many calibers and bullet combinations on my outings as do my sons. He lives right in one of the game richest areas of Wyoming. Randy is able to do a lot of long range shooting with special equipment.  He has built rifles that have gone with hunters from coast to coast, Canada, Alaska, and to Africa and these have brought down hundreds of big game and animals and targets for their owners.

We feel this shop is unique because of the experience Randy brings to each custom rifle. Not only does he have extensive experience in building custom rifles, but because of his training with Les Bowman and all of his own work, experience and data, he can offer custom work up loads to give optimal performance. Further, Randy's experience and training in the field of tool and die making, machinist, engineering and design bring qualifications not found in many shops.

Randy builds rifles of lightweight to Safari style, light varmint match to 1000 yard, takedown rifles, .17 calibers to 50 BMG. He uses only the best components as well as applying standard and special accuracy techniques that he has developed and are not, that we have learned, used in other shops. Randy has built rifles for the very young, modified to help the older or vision impaired shooter, for handicapped and for others with special needs.

We are confident that you have come to one of the country's most experienced gun makers, with years of know-how to give you the best value for your money. Prices vary with each specific order. We will work with you; evaluate your shooting style, needs and "wants" to help you in building the rifle of your dreams.

As each order is custom there are no discounts. Only serious inquiries, please.


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